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My Thoughts on Vicilibri Recensere

I'll be blunt:

  • It is a mess.
  • It is inconsistent.
  • Almost all the content (maybe 96%) needs to be moved to Vicifons.
  • There are only about 2 users.
  • The Main Page needs serious redesign (I moved it to Pagina Prima to make a start).
  • It has no community.
  • There is no consensus on anything.
  • There is a serious lack of content.
  • Almost the whole interface is still in English (I've applied for adminship to fix this).
  • The logo needs translating.
  • Much more...

Administration Recensere

I'm an administator here until the 31st July. I'm mostly translating the interface. If you see something that urgently needs doing, put a message below.

  • Like this.

Sub-pages Recensere